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.LESS is innovation over .COM
New Top-Level Domains (TLD's) are coming soon!

Our mission is to simplify and completely reconfigure the internet in a positive way for consumers and marketers, creating a WIN - WIN solution.

By taking years of hard won skills, knowledge and real world marketing and selling experience and applying these assets with our vision and passion, we have created solutions that will improve the internet in exciting new ways!

Our brand name Patent Pending Technology ".LES®", pronounced "dotless", and "Intellectual Property” together, has the ability to reconfigure the internet for consumers to provide them LESS of everything they do not want, ultimately making browsing faster and more efficient for their PC’s and mobile devices.



     .LESS - is the ultimate cutting edge proposed Top-Level Domain for online savings!
It has all the right ingredients to make the internet better! Dot(.)LESS is a WIN – WIN for everyone!


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